Testimonial Tuesday: The Paleo Goddess

With my new found love of instagram, I’ve found some amazing girls that are living the Paleo Lifestyle at a young age. Today the Michelle will share her story. Find her on instagram @paleogoddess 

I officially “started” a Paleo lifestyle at the beginning of March this year, and in only a few months, I’ve seen so many benefits from it, especially as an athlete. My journey to a healthier lifestyle began a little over a year ago, when I decided to change both my eating and exercise habits. 


Truthfully, I just wasn’t happy with the way my body looked or felt. I was a few pounds overweight, and I always felt tired and lethargic. Playing competitive volleyball had started to take a toll on my body, and I visited my chiropractor once a week to adjust my back and address any other strains and sprains that may have popped up. After living like this for a few months, I decided to try and change it by losing weight. I started counting calories, exercising twice a day, and eating a low fat diet. However, this just made me feel miserable and even more tired. It was my chiropractor that then suggested I adopt a gluten free diet, because he believed that my inflammation problems were directly linked to a sensitivity to gluten. Reluctantly, I accepted his thirty day gluten free challenge, and that is what changed my life. In those thirty days, I lost between five and ten pounds, which I had been desperately trying to do for quite some time, and felt more energized than ever! Over the summer, I trained really hard at a local gym that’s similar to CrossFit, where they recommend a diet consisting of mainly vegetables and meat. After training there for nearly a year, I decided to adopt their diet plan as well, and saw even more benefits as an athlete. I could lift more, jump higher, and train for longer, all while improving my body composition. I thought to myself, there had to be more to this than what my gym is sharing with me. That’s when one of my trainers introduced me to The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf, and thats when I learned why all this was working, and how it could work better. [Read more...]

Motivational Monday: Make Today Great

Sometimes our dreams and goals seem so big. We see how far away we are from the ideal, and never break our goal into smaller chunks. Today I encourage you to make today great! Don’t push it off until tomorrow, or the next day or the next day. Because, really, we all know that “tomorrow” never happens. 


What are you going to do today that will bring you closer to your goals? If your to-do list is 30 bullet points long, work all day until you get 10 of them done! Maybe your to-do list will take three days, but it’s better than not starting at all. I think the reason for procrastination usually is because you don’t know where to start, or the list is too overwhelmingly long. Don’t be overwhelmed, just make today great and enjoy the journey! 

I love writing Motivational Mondays and encouraging others to get past their weak and hard points. We all struggle with different things and we can learn from others how to move past them. If you need more encouraging words daily, check out my 30 days of motivational emails. Maybe all it takes is a small encouragement each day to keep you going. 

A Week in My Paleo Life: Late March

Happy Sunday Everyone! I’m excited today to share with you a project my friend, Lauren Partain, made about my site. If you enjoy it, make sure to comment or share it with your friends! 


Lauren also posted a video of how to cook my Asparagus Salad recipe. It’s a super simple recipe, but for those who are lacking in the kitchen department, check it out! [Read more...]

Motivational Monday: Last Minute Tips for a Bikini Bod

As promised, I will be sharing my workouts + latest noms, and today I will be giving you a bit of motivation, too.


My past week has been great! In Louisiana, the sun is out and I am finally getting a good dose of Vitamin D. My latest cravings for broccoli and sweet potatoes have not ceased, and my wallet is not complaining. Although I usually meal prep regularly, lately I’ve had some free time and consequently have made 3 trips Whole Foods in just this week. Yes, it’s a guilty pleasure, and WF makes everyone happy.

[Read more...]

(2 Ingredient) Paleo Crockpot Chicken Recipe

If you are anything like me, the to-do lists never end and there never seems to be enough time in the day. Easy recipes like this one make eating Paleo doable and delicious. Today I’m going to share a 2 ingredient Paleo Crockpot Chicken Recipe. 

This Paleo Crockpot Chicken Recipe can be prepped in 5 minutes and is made with only 2 ingredients!

Crockpots are the BEST! It takes only 5 minutes to assemble this recipe. Then I can leave it cooking while I run errands, go to class, or workout, and it’s ready by dinner time. It’s so simple, just chicken breasts and salsa verde. My mom and I were inspired to make this recipe because of a dish at a Cuban restaurant in Disney World, called Bongo’s. They have the best shredded chicken and it’s so simple. In order to make it more like Bongo’s chicken, after I cooked it in the crockpot, I put it in the oven on low broil for 5 minutes. This will give it a nice crispy outside layer.  [Read more...]