Secret Ingredient Paleo Cauliflower Soup

My Paleo Cauliflower Soup has one secret ingredient known to heal the gut. This ingredient has been super hot right now, and I wanted to see what the hype was all about! It’s called… Bone broth.
This paleo cauliflower soup has one secret ingredient known to heal the gut!
I wish I could say I’m the expert on all of this broth info, but I’m not so I asked my friends at to tell me about it. And here’s what they told me:
1) Bone broth makes your joints super smooth.
2) Bone broth makes your hair, skin and nails look dead sexy!
3) Bone broth heals your gut.
4) Bone broth helps your body detox.
Pretty awesome I would say. Go here to read a little bit more about the benefits, and about the company itself (which is pretty great as well!) … 

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Paleo Cookie Dough Fudge -From Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind

Oh my goodness. Paleo cookie dough fudge. Need I say more? 

This Paleo Cookie Dough fudge is too good to be true! Gluten free, paleo, and just straight delicious!

I think my love for baking started with cookie dough. Even at age 5, I realized if I baked brownies, cake, or cookies that at some point I could sneak a taste of the batter. So although I wasn’t great at measurements and I made a huge mess in the kitchen, baking became a hobby.

I was never too fond of hot fresh cookies, I just really liked the part that came before it was actually baked. I remember calling up my best friend and saying “Let’s go get cookie dough, and rent movies”. I mean we needed to vent about crushes and friend drama. I think we were 12. But I’m pretty sure this lasted for a few years… Okay, who am I kidding? We still have these nights…. 

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Whole30 German Potato Salad

You know what I hate about potato salad. Mayo. For some reason I just do not like potatoes and mayo together. Especially when the potato salad is smothered in mayo. Yuck. But one day I heard of this idea of bacon grease in place of mayo. Apparently its called a German Potato Salad, and I am here to say it’s dang good. I mean, I have nothing against mayo, I use it in my Egg Salad and Chicken Salad, but I only like it homemade and I just don’t think anything can beat the bacon on this salad. I guess you’ll have to try it to know! Whole30 German Potato Salad

When my friends at Whole 30 explained on their site why potatoes should be part of one of the strictest elimination diets I know of (Whole 30), I realized they probably have some health benefits. I mean heck, I’ve heard the Irish lived solely on potatoes for years. Also my 83 year old grandmother swears by them, and she and my grandpa are pretty much the healthiest people that I know. … 

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Sticky Sesame Teriyaki Chicken Wings

This very well could be one of my favorite recipes I’ve ever shared on my blog, and it’s all because of this fabulous woman Juli Bauer from PaleOMG and her new cookbook Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook


I was lucky enough to spend some time with Juli during PaleoFX, where we ate at Picnik about 600 times, and lol’ed about picking out her book cover picture. Besides being an amazing blogger and recipe developer, Juli is one of the realest people I’ve met. Hence why she did the “whip-nae-nae” on Instagram. … 

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Braised Red Cabbage with Walnuts

Looking for a yummy side dish with lunch or dinner? This Braised Red Cabbage with Walnuts is a great side dish and goes with almost any entree. PLUS it’s both Paleo and Vegan! This Braised Red Cabbage with Walnuts has become my FAVORITE side dish. It goes with everything I make and it's Paleo and Vegan!

As I’m writing this post I am actually walking on the treadmill at this super nice Spa Fitness facility in Covington. There are a few treadmills that I discovered can hold my computer, which makes this 6 mile walk go by a bit faster. Last night I did the whole Netflix and elliptical combo which is super effective since I HAD to see what happened in the next episode of Private Practice. … 

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