Tomato Chevre Salad

tomato chevre salad

If you want a healthy appetizer to tide you over before dinner, I recommend this Tomato Chevre Salad! There’s so much flavor on one plate; and it’s great before a grass-fed steak.  My dad likes to make this salad before dinner, and always comments about how it’s something you could find on a restaurant menu. Even though it definitely looks that way, it could not be simpler to make!

It’s important to find local ingredients for this recipe, and I bought the tomatoes, jalepeno chevre (which is goat cheese in spreadable form) and onions from my farmer’s market. The balsamic glaze is not local; however, I did purchase one that did not have any sugar. The local ingredients will give the dish so much flavor. When your ingredients have to travel the world to reach your plate, it compromises the taste and the nutritional value of your food.

For this recipe, I recommend goat cheese because it’s easier to digest than cow’s cheese. I don’t consume that much dairy because it isn’t technically paleo, but when I do, I try to limit myself to goat products. If you’re a local reader, I recommend getting your cheese from the Covington farmer’s market. The feta is to die for and tell the vendor I sent you! 

Tomato Chevre Salad
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  1. Heirloom tomatoes
  2. Chevre (spreadable feta)
  3. Balsamic Glaze
  4. Sweet Onions, on the side
  1. Slice tomatoes. Spread chevre over top. Drizzle glaze, and serve with sweet onions.
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