Paleo Coffee Creamer

For so long I’ve been trying to create a dairy-free coffee creamer. Finally one morning I decided to try to make it, and here’s the product! A Paleo Coffee Creamer Recipe.

Looking for a Paleo Coffee Creamer? This one is great and is the same consistency as your favorite dairy creamer.

One of my favorite things to do in winter is cuddle up and drink coffee. I’m not sure if I’m a coffee addict or not. I don’t think I am, but I do really enjoy the experience of a cup of coffee. I could probably write a post on my relationship with coffee, but that’s for another time.

Looking for a Paleo Coffee Creamer? This one is great and is the same consistency as your favorite dairy creamer.

Coffee creamers are usually filled with preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, and processed ingredients. So what do you use? Milk? No thanks, it has a very high glycemic load. Whipping cream? Yumm… but many Paleo followers avoid dairy! So up until this beautiful creation (my dairy-free creamer), I enjoyed it black.

Looking for a Paleo Coffee Creamer? This one is great and is the same consistency as your favorite dairy creamer.

This recipe came about by simply blending 1 can of coconut milk, 2-3 eggs, and 2 teaspoons of vanilla in a food processor. After I made one jar of it, I was hooked! Now I’ve been making it every week and keeping it in my fridge. My friends all think it is delicious too! The vanilla is optional. It does change the flavor of the coffee, so if you are a purist don’t add vanilla .

 If you’re wondering if coffee is good for you? Here is what my friend Dietician Cassie says about it.

Paleo Coffee Creamer
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  1. 1 can of coconut milk
  2. 2-3 eggs
  3. 2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
  1. Blend all ingredients in either a food processor or blender.
  2. Store in fridge for 4-5 days.
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  1. Christi Thornton says

    I also get a bot freaked about raw eggs since I get mone straight from the chicken. I like to use one can of coconut mill mixed with one can of coconut cream. I will add vanilla, coco, or cinnamon sometimes. It is sweet from the coconut cream, so I only use a few table spoons. It gives the coffee such a good mouth feel.

  2. Jeanne says

    I LOVE coffee also!! Since going paleo I have been drinking it black also. It’s okay, I do miss the cream. I’m interested in your creamer, can you tell me the purpose of the eggs??

  3. Gina says

    I don’t feel comfortable eating raw eggs either. I will however try just the canned coconut milk. I never thought of that! :-)

  4. Nichole says

    If you’re freaking about raw eggs (I don’t) one way to remedy that is to heat the coconut cream over medium heat until it starts to steam. Remove from heat. Temper the whisked eggs by adding a big spoonful of the heated coconut milk and stir like mad (you don’t want to COOK cook the eggs so that they scramble, just want to raise their temp slowly). Add another spoonful and stir again. I do that a couple three times and then it’s safe to pour the egg mixture into the remaining heated coconut milk.

    I used to love me some chemicals in my coffee as well (HELLO HAZLENUT)!! I nearly gave up coffee because I couldn’t face a cup without a splash of that stuff in it. I had to get creative as well. I use the same method I mentioned above only with full fat cream, an egg or two and a splash of maple syrup. I’ll have to try coconut milk next week because it sounds so delish.

    • Monica Bravo says

      She’s RIGHT! That is a great method! Heavy cream is deeelicious too, but I’m off dairy now. Thanks for sharing with everyone!

  5. Shannon C says

    For those of you who may be squeamish of the raw eggs. No worries. The hot temperature of your brewed coffee will tenor the eggs and make them safe to consume. I have a B.S. in Nutrition and Food Science. I wouldn’t mess around wi consuming something that might make me sick on a daily basis, but I think this is totally safe.

    • Phoebe says

      Actually that’s not true if you’re worried about salmonella. To kill salmonella your food has to be at least 158°F for at least 10 min, if you add your cold (possibly even directly from the fridge) coffee creamer to a cup of coffee, the temperature will not be high enough for at least 10 minutes.

        • Phoebe says

          You’re welcome.
          The creamer is good btw I used a vanilla bean instead of the extract, but if you do, you need to strain the creamer if you don’t want to chew your coffee.

          Have a nice day!

  6. Nikita says

    Ohhhhh this sounds BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for the recipe, I’m so excited to try it! In Australia you can buy powdered eggs (no salmonella!) in the same aisle as the fresh ones. Just prepare the equivalent of however many eggs you need as per the packet instructions, and you’re there!

    I thought it would make a good simple protein shake powder – the first thing I noticed was that NO it doesn’t taste eggy, and secondly it does make a beautiful texture.

    I’m all for avoiding the possibility of salmonella poisoning, go for it!

  7. Isabel Lorca says

    I’ve just tried this creamer now and it’s great!! I’ve been following paleo for 10 days now and had completely omitted coffee. I’m learning new things every day and this is the best one yet, as I do love at least one coffee a day, although know I don’t have to have now. Will be using this creamer from now on :-)

  8. Jenny says

    I’m totally down with raw eggs and this creamer sounds fantastic. I’m going to try it. I’m on day 15 of my first whole 30 and this will really help. I used to add 2 egg yolks per person to smoothies as the protein source instead of those nasty protein powders. You can Google ‘egg cream’ for flavor ideas but it’s pretty much make whatever your fave smoothie recipe is and add the yolks. It makes the smoothies super creamy and delicious!!! So I’m sure this will be the same in the creamer! :) Oh, and I just learned how to make my own coconut milk from coconut cream from Mommypotamus that’s super good. In case you’re interested…

    I found you from the Whole30 fb page today. I really like your blog too!! :) Thanks for the great idea!

    • Monica Bravo says

      Jenny! That’s awesome that you’re on Day 15! GO YOU! Whole30s are hard but so worth it. Thanks for sharing the coconut milk recipe, I must try that out. Raw eggs rock, glad you agree.

  9. Pamela Spears says

    My Husband and I are doing a Paleo week so I was excited to see this. I have made paleo recipes before and my one issue I’ve had is although I love coconut, it seems like everything taste like coconut. Lol. I tried this recipe today and decided to use Almond milk instead of the Coconut milk since I’m pretty much a plain coffee drinker. Anyway… It is fantastic! I just had my first cup of Organic Coffee with Organic raw Honey and this creamer. Couldn’t be more pleased! :). Thank you!

    • Monica Bravo says

      I’m so glad that you liked it!! I love my coffee and sometimes I like it with some “cream” too. : )

  10. Marissa Painter says

    I tried to make this coffee creamer, but when I poured my coffee into it, it created chunks. I am assuming from the eggs. Any ideas?

  11. Meredith says

    I wasn’t sure about this recipe, not the raw eggs thing( hello raw cookie dough). I thought maybe the eggs would scramble when I added it to my hot coffee, and that maybe it would taste like egg nog. Well it did not scramble and it does not taste like egg nog :). I added a few pitted dates to it and it tastes just like coffee creamer, it gives it that creamy texture I haven’t been able to achieve. I’ve tried a ton of differnt nut/ coconut milk combos and this is the best. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!

  12. Bailey says

    When you say store in fridge for 4-5 days do you mean that is how long it keeps or do you mean store 4-5 days before use?

    • Monica Bravo says

      That means you can keep it there for 4-5 days, not store before using. I will clarify in the post.

  13. Cherie says

    Doll, you give me hope! Don’t know if you will specialize, but if you have any patients come in with IBD symptoms, I am sure you will not say to eat anything because food doesn’t matter. Right before I was relieved of my colon (around your age?) I was living on white flour biscuits and “medical” milkshakes (forgot the name of that stuff). Nobody knew better.

    • Monica Bravo says

      Thanks Cherie! I do hope that I can make a difference in people with intestinal issues because it’s SO important! : )


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