A Week in My Paleo Life: Late April

Is it possible to eat Paleo while traveling? Definitely. This past week was Spring Break and I went to California for a week, and then Houston for the weekend. I conveniently forgot my computer and iPad, but it was nice to get away from technology for a week (totally primal, right?).

collage 1.jpg

Finding healthy, fresh food in California was easy. They all understand the concept of gluten-free and Paleo. I found so many neat stores with local food, like the kombucha pictured above! The company that makes this kombucha is called Health Ade. Their website sold me on their ideals, and since I believe in buying quality food I’m going to have to order some.  

Whenever I feel like I’m losing my fire for the blog and this lifestyle, it always helps to read my favorite Paleo blogs and books. In Cali, I started reading It Starts with Food. I’ve read the Whole 9 Life blog for a couple of years now, and completely believe in their philosophy. I encourage everyone to check it out; it’s life changing. If you’re interested in reading it, I have the book on my favorites in my Amazon affiliate store


In Houston I finally visited The Corner Table. All of my favorite bloggers have raved about it for some time now, and it was even better than I expected. Corner Table is the first Paleo-friendly restaurant, and honestly you would have no idea that its even Paleo. Chef Bruce Molzan was incredibly welcoming and shared his favorite dishes with my family (that’s him in the picture with me and the fish!). Everything we tried was amazing and incredibly flavorful. If you get a chance to go, order “The Big Sexy”. Since I’m moving to Houston for the summer, I applied for a job and hopefully will be joining the Corner Table family this summer! 

(Side note: none of these companies endorse me for blogging about them. These are my honest opinions on companies and restaurants.)


  1. says

    Monica! I’m so jealous of all of your travels. I swear, every time you post you’re always in a different place.

    I love reading about everything you’re up to. Now if only you could get me to go paleo. (I think I’d die.)

    • Monica Bravo says

      Aw thanks Graham! And shush you are always traveling too!! : ) still want to collaborate sometime in the future

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